The Movers

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Enquiry from Website

To make an Enquiry please...

  1. If you have not read our carriage of goods policy, please click here
  2. If you are moving outside of Wellington please check our travel charges by clicking here
  3. There is a call-out fee of $40(Monday - Thursday) on all moves (within Wellington region)and $50 (Friday - Sunday) on all moves (within Wellington region)
  4. Please note if you are moving  further North of Porirua or Upper Hutt, or a rural area there will be addition charges please see our travel charges here.....Note that travel charges are on top of our call out fee and hourly rate.
  5. There is a minimum charge of 2 hours for our large trucks
  6. Please complete the following form

We will respond with confirmation of your booking as soon as we can, but within 24 Hours, if you have further questions please feel free to email us by clicking here

Thanks for choosing to move with us!

Kind Regards

The Movers

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